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When I teach Zentangle classes, I am always delighted in the transformation that occurs in so many people… Nearly every person in these classes walk into the room questioning whether they really are creative, unsure if they really can do this. And just like that, they discovered that they could do it!

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COLLECTIONS: Tangling at Tower Hill

Here are the collective results from a recent Zentangle class with a wonderful group of women back in in June. Aren’t they beautiful? Marvel at this co-creativity! Zentangle is soooo easy to learn!  Go ahead: give yourself permission to explore, enjoy and embellish.

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RESULTS: Different, Yet the Same!

Zentangle is a delightfully easy and fun way to discover the artist within you that you never knew existed.  And while you are learning patterns, there’s still lots of room for creative interpretation. Read more

CREATE: Ten Tips for Terrific Tangling!

As Always, my hope and wish is that everyone who came to an Intro class will continue to Zentangle,  finding new and create ways to let your inner artist evolve.

In keeping with that, here are Ten Tips for Terrific Tangling: Read more


Create a map for the life want. Personal Coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create a balanced and fulfilling life.  


A self-paced walk around our labyrinth will quiet your mind and open your soul.