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breatheTransformational Breathing is a simple, profound process that uses a full circular breathing pattern to activate the most natural healing response. Constricted breathing patterns are opened up, the body is super oxygenated, and ‘emotional baggage’ is cleared.

Individual Sessions
An individual Well-Being Session is focused on Transformational Breathwork and integrates Reiki along with other methodologies.

Group Sessions
For groups of people who have experienced an individual session and participated an introductory JoyBreath playshop.

JoyBreath Playshop
Introduces breathwork through instruction in five different breaths and their uses for transforming energy, reducing stress and anxiety, and bringing in joy and a sense of increased wellbeing.

Transformational Breath Intensive
A day-long playshop including review of breathwork concepts, additional breathing techniques, individual breathing analysis, and two full transformational breath sessions.

Interested in a session?  Contact me for more information!